Warm congratulations on the smooth opening of direct drinking water pipeline in Changsha Chengnan st
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On June 22, 2022, the direct drinking water from the pipeline in the "story of the south of the city" community in Changsha was officially opened! On the day of water supply, the company will issue free experience water cards to residents in the community, and direct drinking water can be drunk freely for one month.


Chengnan story community, as a demonstration project of the direct drinking water project for old residential buildings, officially started construction in early May. During the construction process, our company synchronized the design, continuously optimized the construction scheme, actively adopted the owner's suggestions, worked overtime, and finally completed the construction of the main engine room and the main pipeline on schedule.

On the eve of water supply, the company invited a third-party professional water quality testing institution to test the water quality. The water quality reached the standard for drinking water quality cj94-2005, and was publicized so that the owner could drink it at ease. Subsequent residents can swipe cards or scan yards at the water intake machine on the first floor to get water as long as they hold a bucket and can't get out of the building.

At the same time, in order to facilitate the owner to use the water intake machine more conveniently and accurately, the water intake operation process is posted next to the water intake machine, so that the owner can have the best water intake experience.


At the event experience site, the owners successively applied for direct drinking water experience cards and tasted the fresh direct drinking water at the same time. The owners recognized the taste of the direct drinking water, and felt that the direct drinking water was better than the current water purifier at home. Compared with the water purifier, the direct drinking water greatly reduced the water cost of other families. Seeing the satisfied smiles of the owners after tasting the direct drinking water, we Chinese water service water suppliers are greatly encouraged.


And the owner immediately proposed to visit the direct drinking water machine room. Subsequently, the staff accompanied the owners to the direct drinking water room, patiently explained the process flow, and told the owner that the hourly water production capacity of our equipment was 1 ton, which was designed according to the maximum peak of simultaneous water use by all users in the community, and could fully meet the use. The direct drinking water produced by the main equipment circulates continuously for 24 hours, and is equipped with an online water quality monitor to monitor the water quality in real time and regularly detect the direct drinking water. It is truly safe and healthy living water.


At the event site, from time to time, some old people came to apply for cards. The staff patiently introduced the contents of the event to them, and special staff helped them go to the water dispenser for one-on-one teaching to get water, so as to ensure that each owner can get direct drinking water smoothly. At the same time, some children often go to the card office to ask the staff for water. The children say that the water is sweet. Seeing the children drink to their satisfaction, our hearts feel very happy.

It is our mission to let people drink healthy and reassuring water. In the future, China Water Changsha water cup Co., Ltd. will always adhere to the service concept of China water · love run Wanjia, and repay each owner with the best water quality and the most attentive service.




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