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The new semester is about to start. In order to ensure a safe, healthy, sanitary and comfortable drinking environment for teachers and students, and prevent bacteria from breeding and "secondary pollution" due to the longterm placement of drinking water dispensers, Changsha water cup has carried out terminal cleaning and disinfection, cleaning and replacement of filter core and filter screen, installation of terminal drinking water dispensers and sampling and inspection for all the equipment of water supply schools, so as to do a solid job in the water supply work before the start of the new semester. "Jing" is waiting for the children to come ~ ~!

Terminal cleaning and disinfection

The staff wiped the whole body with alcohol, opened the inside of the equipment and wiped it. In addition to cleaning the inside of the direct drinking machine, it is also important to clean the outside of the machine, because these parts are in direct contact with the air, which is easy to accumulate bacteria and cause secondary pollution of drinking water.


Cleaning and replacement of filter element and filter screen

As the core component of direct drinking water equipment to ensure drinking water safety, the filter element needs to be inspected and replaced in time after returning from the holiday. For the filter element within the service life, take out the original filter element from the filter cartridge for washing, and install it back into the filter cartridge after washing; The filter element beyond the service life must be replaced with a new filter element.

The filter screen (PP cotton and activated carbon) shall be replaced manually on the basis of automatic backwashing of the equipment to ensure the best use of consumables.


Add terminal water dispenser

For schools that need to expand classes or offices, staff will install water dispensers on the eve of school opening to ensure that teachers and children can drink direct water more conveniently.


Sampling and inspection

Invite the personnel of the thirdparty professional testing institution to sample the water of each direct drinking water terminal for inspection. After the water quality is tested to be qualified, the water inspection report shall be backed up and archived to open the direct drinking water supply.


There are new hopes and new dreams in the new semester

But the only constant

It is the staff of Changsha water cup

Love for children as always

The preparation for water supply on the eve of the school year is busy

But also happy

Children, welcome to come and return




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