Service documentary | Changsha water cup escorts the safety of direct drinking water on campus
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Whether it's high temperature in midsummer, scorching sun, cold wind, wind and rain, they shuttle through the streets and alleys and undertake the important task of direct drinking water safety on campus. They fight in the front line of direct drinking water service with the most sincere and enthusiastic heart.

01Daily patrol inspection

Speaking of "daily inspection", it seems simple, but it is particularly important in daily work. Carry out daily patrol inspection and inspection on relevant equipment, find hidden dangers in time and carry out corresponding maintenance and treatment. If each hidden danger point is not handled in time, it will affect the normal operation of the equipment and the safety of drinking water on campus.

Over the past 20 years since the establishment of Changsha water cup, more than 300 schools have operated direct drinking water on campus, ensuring "zero" risk and "zero" accident.


02service content

The staff of the service department of Changsha water cup company will communicate with the school regularly, and carry out sanitary cleaning, replacement of consumables, equipment inspection and maintenance of direct drinking water equipment. Take and taste the purified direct drinking water to ensure that each mouthful of water is healthy and fresh.


03Monthly water quality inspection

The staff shall sample and submit direct drinking water for inspection every month to ensure that the water quality meets the national standards. Clean, disinfect and maintain the equipment regularly.


People regard food as their priority, water as their priority, and water is clean. The campus direct drinking water project is a livelihood project to improve the quality of drinking water, and the sanitation of direct drinking water is directly related to the healthy growth of teenagers. Changsha water cup will continue to escort the safety of campus direct drinking water.




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