Product technologies

Technical points

1. Core technology

Adopting nanofiltration (application of reverse osmosis in areas where the risk of raw water pollution is high) as the core can effectively remove mud, rust, suspended matter, bacteria, organic matter, radioactive substances, most inorganic salt ions, etc. Some trace elements that are beneficial to the human body have reached the relevant national health standards and can be drunk directly.

2. Taste adjustment

Apply the patented technology of "pH automatic adjustment device", set up a taste regulator, adjust the pH value of the produced water, increase the trace elements of the produced water, in line with the concept of healthy drinking water

3. Sterilization

Using ozone and ultraviolet sterilization technology to ensure the safety and sanitation of water quality.

4. Pipe network layout

Circulate the pipe network to ensure fresh water quality.

5. Intelligent control

Apply intelligent control technology to realize unattended; remote communication can be achieved through the Internet.





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