The induction training for new employees of China water · Changsha water cup company was successfull
Date: 2022-03-11 17:17:19Pageviews: 95

           March spring equinox is warm, and striving is at the right time. In order to improve the awareness and identity of new employees to the company, promote new employees to adapt to new roles and new environment, and improve team cohesion, China water · Changsha water cup company ushered in the first induction training for new employees in 2022 from March 10 to 11.


   On March 10, Liu Jia, the company's HR Director, made a training message to welcome everyone and introduced in detail the company's corporate cultural background, relevant rules and regulations, employee compensation and welfare and relevant administrative matters.



Subsequently, Qiao Guangmei, deputy general manager and investment director of the company, made a detailed introduction to the direct drinking water project of the company. During this period, through the principle and technical points of the process technology of the direct drinking water system and the classification of products, we have a deep understanding of the working principle of products and the equipment applied in different scenes.


In the afternoon, Mr. Yi xianzao, founder of China water · Changsha water cup company and chief engineer of China Water Group direct drinking water corporation, exchanged and shared the technical route and construction outline of direct drinking water in China's water cities, so that everyone can fully understand the development trend and broad prospects of direct drinking water construction in the future.


On March 11, Wu Caiyang, deputy general manager and sales director of the company, analyzed and shared the sales cases of direct drinking water projects in different places such as hospitals, schools, old communities and new communities in detail.



After that, under the leadership of Liu Jia, HR Director, the new employees went to the company's general assembly workshop and project base for on-site study and investigation. During this period, answer the questions of new employees one by one.

The new era starts a new journey, a new mission calls for new actions, and the one-and-a-half-day training for new employees has come to a successful end. Let's wish new employees to cut through thorns and thorns on the journey of career development, forge ahead bravely, and build a dream together with the great development of the company's urban direct drinking water construction!




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