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Project information introduction

The concept of "community piped direct drinking water" is integrated into the piped direct drinking water in the residential area of Lifa New Town, Changsha City, and the water supply mode combining piped direct drinking water with the intelligent water intake station of the Internet of Things is adopted. The project is constructed in two phases, with 1~35 buildings covering nearly 5400 total users. The direct drinking water of the project adopts the YHQ-NF-2000 central water purification treatment equipment of Changsha Water Cup of China Water Service, which can meet the drinking water demand of the whole community.


In the design scheme and installation process, the convenience and safety of the owners are fully considered to achieve "five guarantees": first, the system uses nanofiltration membrane for deep purification to remove toxic and harmful pollutants in the water and retain beneficial trace elements for human body; The second is to improve the taste and add trace elements through taste adjustment; The third is to use ozone and ultraviolet radiation to jointly sterilize, and there is no sterilization by-product; Fourth, 304 food-grade stainless steel pipe network is closed and circularly transported, continuously circulated and sterilized, without secondary pollution, the system has self-cleaning function, and direct drinking water is getting cleaner and cleaner; Fifthly, the system is fully automated, with color screen display and remote monitoring, to ensure that the drinking water supply is uninterrupted and sufficient for 24 hours.

The piped direct drinking water system shall be designed and constructed in strict accordance with the Technical Specification for Piped Direct Drinking Water System in Buildings and Communities (CJJ/T110-2017), and the water quality shall meet the standard of the Standard for Drinking Water Quality (CJ94-2005).

The direct drinking water machine room is located on the first floor of the building. The machine room is spacious, bright and transparent. It can fully display the water making equipment and technology to users, so that users can really drink water at ease. At the same time, the system is equipped with six online water quality detection equipment to monitor the water quality in real time, and truly achieve remote management, real-time monitoring, timely warning and ensure water quality.

IOT intelligent water intake Changsha water cup YHQ-SST-01P-T03 intelligent water intake is selected. The water intake body is installed on the front apron of each building. The upper part of the machine is the operation and display part, which can be connected with the system background. The lower part is the barreled water intake interface, which opens the door by swiping the card. The water intake door is usually locked to ensure that the water intake is clean and sanitary. The operation process of the water intake machine is simple, and it integrates card swiping and code scanning, which greatly facilitates the use of the owners.


Core technology of direct drinking water system

01-Nanofiltration purification

At present, the most advanced membrane separation technology is used to effectively remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, residual chlorine, odor and other harmful substances to human body in the water, intercept suspended particles in the tap water to improve the water quality, and retain trace elements beneficial to human body, so as to reach the standard of direct drinking healthy water in full compliance with the national standard "Drinking Water Quality Standard" CJ94-2005.

02-Ozone and ultraviolet sterilization

With ozone and ultraviolet double sterilization, it has strong sterilization ability and no residual toxic and harmful substances, which can meet people's requirements for safety, sanitation and health.

03 - Circulating live water

The pipeline direct drinking water equipment uses high-quality food-grade 304 stainless steel pipes to set up an independent circulating pipe network, and the purified high-quality healthy water is delivered to the lower floors of each unit of the community for direct drinking by the owners to ensure their drinking water safety.

04 - Fully automatic operation

The equipment water supply system and water preparation system can realize fully automatic operation, ensure the safety and reliability of the whole water supply process, and guarantee the real-time control and reliable operation of direct drinking water.

05 - Remote monitoring

The equipment selects the water quality multi-parameter online monitor of Changsha Water Cup of China Water Service. Through DTU wireless transmission technology, the water quality parameters such as turbidity, pH, TDS, dissolved oxygen, temperature and other parameters are uploaded to the cloud platform in real time to realize remote real-time monitoring.

China Water Changsha Water Cup Direct Drinking Company always adheres to the drinking water concept of "health, sanitation, safety, and freshness", and constantly explores and innovates in the field of direct drinking water to provide more high-quality water supply services for the owners. In the next step, Changsha Water Cup Company will continue to expand the coverage of direct drinking water supply business, and realize the new situation of convenient and high-quality water supply of "drinking throughout the city" as soon as possible.




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