Sales Engineer
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job requirements:

1. Responsible for developing customer resources, finding potential customers, and completing sales goals

2. Assist the person in charge of the project to connect with the project, maintain communication and maintenance relations with Party A, and sign and repay the contract at a later stage;

3. Participate in other marketing activities organized by the Marketing Department

4. More than three years of sales work experience, with the ability to analyze and sort market information;

5. Possess market experience and sensitive market observation and analysis ability;

6. Independent working ability and teamwork spirit;

7. Careful and responsible work, with professionalism;

Benefits: (3500-5000) basic salary + commission, five insurances and one gold + holiday gift + birthday gift + year-end bonus




MondayToFriday:08:00 - 17:00


24小时客服热线:400-850 9166