City direct drinking water project
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Urban direct drinking water refers to the direct supply of high-quality direct drinking water in large cities (new urban areas or urban development zones) or in heavily polluted small and medium-sized cities. The area is planned to be divided into several areas, and some tap water will be connected to each area, which will be deeply purified into high-quality drinking water with a group of high-tech equipment, and then will be sent to drinking water points (including residential communities, schools and classrooms) by circulating pipes , Government offices, factory workshops, hospital wards, hotel rooms, mining areas, parks, tourist sites and army barracks, etc.), truly implement quality water supply, achieve low quality and low use (tap water), high quality and high use (direct drinking water). This method is a scientific, rational, ecological, environmentally friendly, and healthy resource-saving water supply method that conforms to China's national conditions.

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