Campus direct drinking water project
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At present, students drink in various ways. Some schools boil tap water for students to drink, and some schools add ozone to tap water for students to drink. These two methods only solve the problem of drinking water sterilization, but do not carry out in-depth purification of tap water, and cannot effectively remove harmful substances in tap water, so it cannot be guaranteed that the water quality fully meets the "Water Quality Standard for Drinking Purified Water" of the Ministry of Construction )Claim. Some schools buy barrels of pure water and mineral water for students to drink. This method is theoretically a healthy drinking method, but its price is high and the cost of drinking water is high. There may also be risks of secondary pollution and counterfeiting.

         Due to the scientific and reasonable water treatment process, the water cup high-quality direct drinking water system effectively removes toxic and harmful substances, retains and adds some trace elements, and has no secondary pollution. The water quality is better than the national standard; the system has low investment and operating cost Low cost of drinking water. The school uses a water cup high-quality direct drinking water system is the best way for students to drink safe and healthy for a long time.

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Mingde Middle School

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Changsha Experimental Primary School

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Lei Feng Vocational College

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